5 interesting breakfast ideas for toddlers

A burning question that every new mother struggle with is regarding food for their infants. After breast-feeding, what can you feed your child that is at par with the nutrition value and at the same time, suits the taste buds of your little ones?

As a mother, you want to give the best to your child. You reach out to elders, friends; search the internet looking for ideas and whatnot. But that leaves you all the more confused.  Since breakfast is an important meal of the day, you want to give your child food that is extremely nutritious. Moreover, your quest for breakfast ideas for toddler does not seem to end.

In this case, you first need to understand the nutrition requirement for your child at this age and accordingly search food options. Toddlers need proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium and Iron among the other nutrients to grow up strong and … Read More