Reasons Why Healthy Foods Are Important For Children


Diet and nutrition are important for health and growth for adults, but when it comes to children, this is an essential key to their development. Children need as many nutrients to help them grow and develop functions, tissue and skills correctly. If a child has a lack of nutrients and vitamins, it can have detrimental effects on your child’s biological and cognitive development, general health and wellbeing.

A healthy balanced diet and nutrition affect everything from brain function to behavioural functions. Another key factor why food and nutrition are vital is that it plays a huge role in protecting children from illness and disease. It is easy to see why it is essential for children to get the correct nutrients in their bodies. In this article, we will go through some more reasons why children need to have a healthy balanced diet so get your coverall bibs at the ready.

Healthy Foods To Be Encouraged

Your children need to have a healthy balanced diet when they are younger as this results in them having healthy eating habits when they get to their teen years and even adulthood. Eating food that contains enough vitamins and nutrients will help your child develop their physical and mental development.

These foods should not be missed out in your child’s diet:

Fruits: Fruit contains all the natural sugars and nutrients you need in a healthy balanced diet. The issue is that there are some fruits including tinned and juices which contain added sugar which is not healthy for you.

Vegetables: With vegetables not being sweet, it is commonly known that children do not like their vegetables. This is why baby-led weaning is a great way to get your children trying new foods all the time. If you introduce your children to foods at an early age with different colours and textures, it can encourage them to keep at it through their teen and adult years.

Protein: With people being encouraged to eat less meat, you can get your protein from beans, eggs, nuts and soy whilst also getting it from meat and poultry.

Benefits Of A Healthy Balanced Diet

There are some key facts about children having a healthy balanced diet, including:

Brain Development: If your child doesn’t get a healthy balanced diet, then it can have adverse effects on the IQ and also the cognitive development of your child. It can also cause behavioural issues and reduced attention span.

Lower Obesity Rates: Everyone knows that there is an increase in young children getting obese. This leads to diabetes, high cholesterol and heart issues. A healthy balanced diet can reduce the risks of these illnesses.

Encourages Healthy Choices: By introducing healthy food at a younger age, it encourages children to carry this habit on when they are older. This will also encourage them to make the right decisions throughout their life.

Having a healthy balanced diet is a crucial part of the development and it sets them up on the right path. Baby-led weaning is a great way to have your children used to all sorts of foods so you best get your baby washcloths and bibs at the ready, you’re going to need it.