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Is going to a European college a good way to see the world?


Countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, etc., which have a developed economic level, have invested heavily in their higher education systems. That is why the academic institutions in these states have well-trained, motivated, and experienced teachers in the industry, offer modern facilities and materials, and, perhaps most importantly, make it possible to visit unique places in Europe.

Students at Online Reviews argue that studies in an international program and related diplomas provide direct access to the best opportunities available in a global labor market. Years spent studying in another country considerably enrich each person’s personal and professional horizons. In this article, we´ll see what are the most important advantages when it comes to a European college.

How to choose the right study destination?

The Nordic countries – Denmark and Sweden are innovative, modern, happy, environmentally friendly countries, and if you associate with these characteristics you will fit perfectly with the Nordic lifestyle. The Netherlands, the land of tulips and mills for sale, is full of life, free, and accessible in terms of tuition fees. So, it is very important to choose with your soul and to realize in which country you would fit best and what you would like to learn. If you are passionate about business, you can first search on the websites of business online schools to see what they can offer.

High school or college graduates who want to continue their studies abroad should first analyze their passions and abilities, identifying the field of study is the first and perhaps the most important step in choosing a study program at a foreign university. The country in which they will study, the university, and the chosen specialization represent the next stages of selection in terms of studying abroad. A lot of students dream of studying abroad.

Holidays and weekends allow you to travel and get to know the country where you study. Since your studies take place in a country completely different from yours, you are much closer to tourist attractions that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit. You can organize a trip with friends or find out like someone else, for example, the student union or university, organize a trip.

European college

In which country do you have many places to visit?

If you’re decided to go to a European college, well you’ve made a perfect choice. You can visit multiple countries and explore their unique cultures and traditions. Let’s see what are the most beautiful and full of historic cities in Europe where you can go to study.

1. France

Enchanted by the lights of Paris, France is at the top of the wish list of travelers according to data collected by the World Tourism Organization. French beaches are often among the most famous. France has several universities considered among the best in Europe, including the Université Paris Sciences et Lettres, the Sorbonne, the Ecole Polytechnique, the University of Paris, and Télécom Paris, institutions that do not offer English lessons.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Among the most famous institutes in the Danish capital are the Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, and the ITU. In Denmark, university fees are free and a student can even be subsidized by the state if he works at least 44 hours a month. In terms of house prices, the average rent is 750 euros per month and the purchase of 2 rooms for about 350,000 euros.

Denmark allows all European high school or bachelor’s graduates to benefit from free education in that country. Aalborg University is a prestigious university in Denmark where the campuses of Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen host over 14,000 students, of which 1,700 are international students.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

With an average rent of around 610 euros per month and a price for a 2-room apartment around 500,000 euros, the Swedish capital is also a valid study destination. Thanks to the educational offer of the Karolinska Institute and the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, students are welcome in the city and will also be able to find shared apartments and housing for students.

As in the case of Denmark, studies in Sweden are free for all young people who dream of studying abroad. Studying in Sweden means, first of all, having the opportunity to be a student in a developed country both culturally and socially and economically.

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Among the most famous institutes in the Dutch capital are the University of Amsterdam and the University of Vrije with fees that cost about 1,000 euros for the first year and 2,000 for all subsequent years. Programs in the Netherlands are highly valued internationally. 10 of the top 150 universities globally are Dutch, according to the Times Higher Education Superior World Rankings 2020, which compares nearly 1,400 universities in 92 countries.

The Netherlands offers the largest number of programs in continental Europe taught entirely in English (2,100). Almost every university has an English version of the programs taught in Dutch. Thus, there are a lot of courses in your area of interest from which you can choose and you know that you will easily communicate with your classmates and teachers. Also, 92% of the Dutch population speaks English.

5. Berlin, Germany

Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin are among the most famous institutions in the city, although the lessons are taught exclusively in German. In German universities, there are profiles with and without admission restrictions. When we talk about limits, we refer, first of all, to a fixed number of study places put up for competition. The admission contest is based primarily on the grade obtained at the baccalaureate. In the case of the other profiles, they are open to all those who have a baccalaureate degree, regardless of the grade.

Europe has been described as one of the best study destinations abroad and hosts some of the most popular and prestigious countries in the world. So, if you have decided to study in one of the countries mentioned above, you make an excellent choice for your future.