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Fun Facts About Pregnancy And Old Wives Tales


Trying to figure out the gender before you truly know is part of the fun of pregnancy. Old wives tales have been lending a hand to what your baby will be like and its gender for decades.

“The old wives tales range from ‘looking at a hairy mouse means your child will be hairy’ to ‘eating lots of spicy food means you’re having a boy,’ said a spokesperson at Gender Reveal Surprise. “No one knows where they came from, but they’re all pretty amusing.”


Here are some fun facts about pregnancy and old wives tales.

  • Sugar and Spice Food Cravings

Food cravings are just a part of pregnancy, but the one we most commonly hear is pickles and ice cream.

Women, however, seem to crave pretty much anything that could be on a menu.

Old wives’ tales claim women that crave salt are having a boy, while a sweet tooth means a little girl is on the way.

Most pregnant women will say they had any and all sorts of cravings so this tale might be really out in left field to predict gender.

  • Hair and Heartburn

Heartburn is one of the toughest things for most about any pregnancy. They say if you have a lot of heartburn, your child will be born with lots of hair. The truth of the matter is that you may have lots of heartburn and may have a bald baby or one with a head full of hair.

There’s really no truth that connects a hairy baby with heartburn.

  • The String

One of the most popular genders reveals ideas is all about string. You tie a wedding ring to the end of a string and let it hang over your stomach. If the ring moves in a circle, you’re having a girl. if the ring stays in a straight line, it’s a boy.

  • Carrying The Weight

They say you can get a gender reveal by how a woman carries her child. If all of the weight is in front like a perfect round basketball, it’s supposed to be a boy.

If she has all the weight around her hips and rear, it’s a girl. Of course, it probably all depends on your body how you carry as to what you’re having, but it’s still fun to guess.

  • Eating Strawberries

Fruit is great for your unborn child, but centuries ago many pregnant women ran away from strawberries.

If you eat a strawberry, says the tale, your child will come into the world with splotchy, red skin. Who knows where this came from, if a bunch of babies was born with red marks and all of their mothers claimed to eat strawberries, but it’s a funny thought.

  • Beauty Stealing

Have you ever heard of an unborn child stealing your beauty? They say if you’re having a girl, your looks go out the door. If your face is breaking out, you’re obviously having a girl. If you look the best you’ve ever looked, you’re having a boy.

Pregnancy usually makes you glow no matter what you’re having!

So are you looking for fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender?  Check out Gender Reveal Surprise for some fun ideas.