COVID-19 Transforming Mobile Apps Into the New Storefront

Because of COVID-19, consumer behavior has been shifting unprecedentedly. As for retailers, they’ve been adapting and evolving their eCommerce attitude in more than one way. If you’re looking for an expert payment processor and are interested in how mobile apps have been affected by COVID-19, follow the information below.

COVID-19 Impact on Retail: eMerchantBroker

Did you know that apps take 88% of the time spent on mobile devices? According to the personalized retargeting company Criteo, COVID-19 has brought a special emphasis on mCommerce or mobile commerce solutions. Retailers are also changing their app-based strategies.

Successful apps have registered a rise in the number of visitors and witnessed larger baskets. They require retailers to make investments in a distinct product featuring custom specifics and sophisticated analytics.

Apps are going beyond mobile web experience: Specifically, they’re incorporating improved exploration and navigation that can better respond. Also, they’re making user experience better via technologies.

Modern digital retailers can’t do without reinforcing shopping behavior with the help of effective strategies aimed at user acquisition. With all this in mind, you should now be more focused on using the right payment processing solutions than ever before.

That’s where a seasoned payment processing specialist like eMerchantBroker can help. Thanks to this #1 high risk processor in the U.S., you can obtain the most advanced, secure and cheapest merchant processing services to navigate the current financial challenges.

Growth of App-Optimized Experience

mCommerce success is highly dependent upon combining an app-optimized experience and user acquisition-related sophisticated approaches. With shopping behaviors changing, apps are expected to go on establishing themselves as the entry point for commerce.

Digital Commerce 360 has reported that eCommerce rose by 32% last year, as compared to 2019. That accounted for almost 75% of the total retail gains registered last year and representing the biggest share of the total annual growth that the online sector has registered so far. Based on the data by eMarketer, last year, online retail sales grew by 35% as compared to 2019.

So, eCommerce, B2B, B2C, and brick-and-mortar businesses have been experiencing the impact of COVID-19 for already a year. The impact is vivid in many ways. One of the areas has to do with the shift in the way people are making purchases. Consumers are increasingly turning to online ways of buying things, which results in the growth of app-based experience.

Author Bio: Blair Thomas has been a music producer, bouncer, screenwriter and for over a decade has been the proud Co-Founder of eMerchantBroker, the highest rated high risk merchant account processor in the country. He has climbed in the Himalayas, survived a hurricane, and lived on a gold mine in the Yukon. He currently calls Thailand his home with a lifetime collection of his favorite books.