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ZEN TIP: Now’s the time to begin breaking sleep associations. A sleep association might be something that aids your baby in falling asleep. Some sleep associations, equivalent to swaddling or white noise, are optimistic. Others, like rocking or nursing to sleep, are damaging on account of they aren’t sustainable. All infants should be taught to self soothe sooner or later, and slowly breaking detrimental sleep associations is step one. As quickly as they not depend on any exterior help to fall asleep, they’ll have the ability to check to fall asleep independently. For many who’re feeding your baby to sleep, start weaning from feedings by shortening them. If you happen to happen to’re rocking her to sleep, rock her for shorter durations of time earlier than placing her down.

In case you are just beginning to implement a constant bedtime routine, studying your baby’s sleepiness cues, and beginning to … Read More