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10 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep in Summer

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Winter is gone, and spring rains are slowly fading off. The warmest season of the year is quickly tuning up the vibrance all around, a change everyone is happy to welcome. Kids can now go swimming, walk barefoot, satiate their ice-cream cravings, and enjoy longer days with family and friends.

For most parents, though, this change means disrupted sleep patterns in the coming days. Increased outdoor activities coupled with increased daylight delays can severely affect your child’s sleep. It is probably time to rethink your love for warm outfits, such as girls and boys pyjamas, for a healthier sleep.

Here are 10 ideas that will help improve your child’s sleep during summer.

1. Adjust Bedtime Schedules

Nights are shorter and days are growing longer. Adjusting sleep schedules will help you accommodate these changes while giving your child quality sleep. A gradual bedtime shift will also make it easy for your child to keep up with new sleep timelines.

2. Take Control of Daytime Activities

Understandably, this is the best time for kids to unwind and have fun. However, too many activities on any given day will only make it difficult for your child to settle down when they should. While engaging them in such activities, you also want to ensure they maintain their normal routine. This includes nap times and downtime.

3. Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Dehydration can be quite disruptive when it comes to sleep patterns. Lack of sufficient fluids in the body lowers the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. To keep your child upbeat with their bedtime, ensure they get enough fluids throughout the day. In this case, water is highly recommended over sugary fluids.

4. Reconsider the Pyjamas

Full boys pyjamas are cute, but they are not ideal for summer. Pyjamas are designed for the kind of warmth unsuitable in summer. Instead, go for short pyjamas. Sometimes a t-shirt and diaper are enough for a good sleep.

5. Minimise the Beddings

Your baby’s crib may have several beddings that might never be used during summer. If you must cover your child for whatever reason, use a lightweight blanket or baby wrappers. Do away with the heavy blankets and covers to safeguard your baby against overheating.


6. Adjust Room Temperatures Regularly

With temperatures rising during summer, it is obvious that every home will be running air conditioners to regulate heat waves. However, you might want to use a fan in their room to ensure your child remains under optimal sleep conditions. This should help you keep the heat or chilly air under control where need be.

7. Limit Exposure to Sunlight During Sleep Hours

Now that the sun is all out and for longer hours, your baby’s circadian rhythm may be negatively impacted. This is because exposure to sunlight lowers the production of the sleep hormone – melatonin. As a result, to maintain healthy habits during summer, darken your baby’s room by closing the blinds and rolling down the curtains.

8. Get Some Fresh Air Often

Studies reveal that cool and comfortable environments are a driving force to good quality sleep. This explains why getting as much fresh air as possible is good for your baby’s sleep.

9. Serve Dinner Early

It is highly recommended to have children take dinner about three hours before bedtime. This allows their bodies to digest food early enough for better sleep. The rule should apply even over the summer.

10. Use White Noise

The use of a mix of unvarying and steady sound waves has been proven to help babies sleep better. Such noises include a humming air conditioner, a whirring fan, and radio static.